The Garden Of Angels – A Place For The Children

Garden Of Angels Resting Place - HomepageIt’s about giving them DIGNITY and HONOR, instead of rejection.

It’s about giving them a NAME instead of a number.

It’s about giving them a VOICE instead of silence.

It’s about a PURPOSE that we all have to fulfill, whether it’s here on Earth or in Heaven.

It’s about understanding the VALUE that God places on each one of us.

It’s about knowing that these PRECIOUS LITTLE ONES are not only God’s, but also YOURS and MINE.

Debi at the Garden of Angels with the Children 2009It’s about what we could have done to PROTECT the lives of these children, and WHAT WE CAN DO NOW!

It’s about opening our ears and LISTENING to the still small voice inside each and every one of us.

It’s about changed HEARTS and LIVES.

But mostly……It’s about LOVE.

Written by Debi Faris before the burial of our first three children in the Garden of Angels … Matthew, Nathan and Dora  – August 1996

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