A Living Angel

gabriel's storyGabriel is a living angel, a precious gift sent to us through a miracle. Gabriel was “safely surrendered” at a California hospital, several years ago.

His birth mother did a very courageous act; she carefully bundled up her newborn son, and handed him over to a nurse in the hospital emergency room, then walked out of her baby’s life.

We know this must have been the most difficult decision of her life; however, she wished her baby would have a better life than she would be able to provide. By adopting Gabriel into our family, it is our family’s goal to make her wishes come true. In turn, Gabriel and his birth-mother have made our wishes come true.

Sometimes, when people hear Gabriel’s story, they ask with a negative tone, “What kind of person could give up her baby?” We immediately respond, “A very selfless and intelligent woman who was in a difficult time in her life.”

We will always honor Gabriel’s birth-mother, and also those that helped bring him into our family.

For example, to celebrate Gabriel’s second birthday we took the family on a special “Thank You” trip.

First stop was to our adoption agency to donate some toys for foster children. Next we went to visit the hospital where Gabriel had been “safely surrendered” to meet and graciously thank those that took care of him at the beginning of his life. We were especially touched to take a photo of Gabriel and the nurse who first cared for him.

Our final stop was to the Garden of Angels cemetery. As Gabriel played among the graves with beautiful carved crosses, the image was very overwhelming.

We were filled with sadness for all the children who have died and yet felt joyful to see Gabriel as the positive outcome of the Garden of Angels educational work.

We took pictures of the baby’s graves and a special photo with Debi Faris. These photos will help represent Gabriel’s beginnings, and the many people that have loved him and helped bring him to our family.

“We hope by sharing our story, we can show the benefits of the Garden of Angels important work. Without the Safe Surrender law and the education the Garden of Angels provides to the public, we would not be the family we are today.”

With Love,

Gabriel’s Family