The story of two little boys named Jacob

Debi Holding Jacob - Safely Surrendered Baby 2003

Debi Holding Jacob – Safely Surrendered Baby 2003

On March 31st 2001 we buried the first child found abandoned since the California’s ‘Safe Haven’ Law (SB 1368) became effective.

Debi was devastated when baby Jacob was found next to a dumpster. “That was so exceptionally difficult,” she says, “because now we have this law. I wanted to stand on the rooftops and shout that this didn’t need to happen.” This child didn’t need to die!

A few weeks after Jacob was buried, a foster-care mother walked into the Garden of Angels’ office, swaddling a baby with, says Faris, “dark curly hair and the blackest eyes you ever saw.”

His mother had given birth in a hotel room and was thinking of putting him a trash bin when she remembered hearing somewhere that she could leave the baby at a hospital and not get in trouble. She called 911. “This is that baby,” the foster mother told Faris. “I felt you needed to know that this law works.”

The baby, it turned out, had been safely surrendered on March 31, the same day Faris buried Jacob.

“Every time I think about these two little lives that were meant to be, I am reminded of the TRAGEDY and HOPE of two baby boys…. and the TRAGEDY and HOPE of two mothers who made decisions for their children that will last a lifetime.”

Michael Jacob was officially adopted by Karen and Pat Moan on September 11, 2003. He lives with his family in Southern California and is looking forward to celebrating his third birthday on March 31st.

Michael’s mom Karen told the Garden of Angels “We are so thankful to God and to Michael’s birth mother for the opportunity to be his parents.” She added that she was also grateful for the ‘Safe Surrender for Newborns’ law.

A Positive Ending

Michael Jacob age 2 years“Michael is a happy energetic and inquisitive beautiful little boy, who is truly a joy to parent, he means everything to me” Karen says. “He adds so much to our family. Michael also happens to have Downs Syndrome”.

Karen believes that Michael has taught her that every life has a purpose “Michael’s purpose besides being our son is that he is the poster child for Garden of Angels”.

On the subject of adoptive parents being available for the children who are safely surrendered Karen said; “There are thousands of people who want to adopt, and newborns are highly sought after”.  Hopeful adoptive parents attend classes, are fingerprinted and child abuse checked and are trained in taking care of children. Karen adds “these parents want a baby more than anything else in the world. It doesn’t matter if the babies are drug exposed, in perfect condition or even if the baby has severe disabilities, there are parents waiting to adopt these babies.”

“It is a great relief that Michael’s adoption is final….our baby whom we love and adore is legally ours”.