cheree - surrendered baby reclaimedIt is an honor to share with you my family’s story, and the positive effect that the Safe Arms – Safe Haven program has had on our life. A few years ago, my teenage daughter gave birth to a baby girl. Not one family member, friend or even the father of the baby had a clue that she was pregnant… including my daughter herself.

Thinking she was having severe menstrual camps she filled the bathtub with water to soak and soothe her discomfort. She delivered her baby all alone.

The trauma of this event was so overwhelming. At sometime in the past, my daughter remembered seeing signs in the emergency room of the hospital that referenced the hospital as a “safe surrender” site. She took her baby there knowing that the baby would be taken care of. The next morning after a lot of thought of what had happened in the last 24 hours, she knew she wanted her baby back.

With the help of the Garden of Angels and the Safe Surrender program, we were united with our little “gift from God”. Had this program not been available, and written into law, our circumstances could have been very different. My daughter chose to surrender her baby rather than discard her. She knew that she could do that and not be afraid. The “safe arms” program gave her a chance to clear her thoughts, get a grip on her emotions and deal with the shock of this unexpected event. It gave her a chance to make a clear choice and a rational decision. It also gave her a chance to see that she had a support system, and that she could keep her baby.

I cannot tell you how “in love” we are with this child. I have watched my daughter transform from a teenager in a responsible loving mother. I see the joy in her eyes as she is nurturing her baby. I am so thankful to the Garden of Angels for their compassion and vision, and for their diligent pursuit and commitment to prevention.